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We need people like you. Our police department recruiters are committed to connecting with qualified individuals with a desire to serve the citizens and neighborhoods in the City of Sacramento.

The Backgrounds and Recruiting Unit resides within the police department’s Personnel Division, with an overarching mission to foster community relationships, strengthen trust and support partnerships.

Specifically, when it comes to recruiting, our goal is to hire the very best and highest quality individuals to build a professional, vibrant, inclusive and progressive police department.


More detailed information on state standards and recommendations for police officer candidates can be found on the California POST website.


If you have questions regarding the Sacramento Police Department hiring process, please contact Recruiting at or call 916-234-6112.

Preparing for a Law Enforcement Career


Physical Fitness is a critical component of a successful law enforcement career. Maintaining your physical fitness will help to lower stress, prevent injury, and increase career longevity.

One way to prepare for a police academy is to join the Sacramento Police Department at Run With a Recruiter and Bootcamp Wednesday.


The Sacramento Police Department requires police officers to possess 60 semester or 90 quarter units from an accredited university or college. Graduating police recruits receive 26 semester units in the Police Academy, which can be applied towards the 60-unit requirement. College units do not have to be focused on Criminal Justice or Administration of Justice. Some of the varying degrees held by SPD officers are: Communications, Business, History, and Horticulture.

Drug and Alcohol Usage

Instances of drug use are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Depending upon the substance, circumstances, frequency, and amount of time elapsed since the last use, applicants may be considered for employment. As a general rule those interested in a career in law enforcement should avoid using prohibited substances, or stop use as early as possible.

Driving Record

Agencies look at the number of tickets you have received, your vehicle accidents and license suspensions. Also, a disqualifying area is failure to carry proper insurance.

Credit History

Be responsible with your finances. Pay your bills on time and do not show irresponsibility by amassing a large debt in relation to your take-home income. A check of your credit history is conducted as a part of your background investigation. Even if you have bad credit, take the necessary steps to show that you are responsible enough to rectify the situation. It is wise to check your credit history with the three major credit agencies to verify its authenticity.

Employment History

Your job performance is a factor when the Police Department considers you for potential employment. Be professional at your job and work well with your co-workers and management. While you may not get along with everyone, staying professional can earn you the respect of your co-workers and supervisors. We communicate with people from all walks of life, and must maintain a professional demeanor. You develop important communication skills at every job.


If a person is not honest, they have no business being in the law enforcement profession. Lying during the polygraph examination is one certain way to get yourself removed from the hiring process. Be upfront with your background investigator. There are many life decisions we can work with, but you have to be upfront, honest, and truthful.

Hiring Process

1- Written Exam

Once you have passed the city's civil service exam you may apply for the police officer recruit position. Your name will then be forwarded to the Sacramento Police Department for further assessment. The written exam is administered through the City of Sacramento Human Resources Department and is unique to the City of Sacramento, although it tests the same dimensions as the California POST PELLETB exam. For test preparation please review the practice guide published by POST. Any questions about the written exam should be directed to Human Resources.


If you have previously taken one of the following exams within two years of the final filing date and earned a passing score as listed below, you may be considered exempt from the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam.

POST Certified Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) exam and earned a T-Score of 45 or higher

City of Sacramento Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam and earned a passing score

For more information on the written test and exemption process please view the attached FAQ or watch the first video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

2- Application

Applications are submitted electronically through the City’s website. Read the directions closely and accurately complete the application. Any questions about the application should be directed to Human Resources 916-808-5726.

For more information, please watch the first video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

City of Sacramento HR
Employment, Classification & Development

3- Physical Agility Test

Before the oral panel interview, you will be required to pass a physical agility test. We administer the POST Work Sample Test Battery as the physical agility test. The passing score is 384 points. We do not accept WSTB scores from other agencies and we do not provide your score to other agencies. You can find a description of the tests and scores on the POST website.

For more information, please watch the second video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

4- Oral Panel Interview

The Oral Panel interview is the first time you will meet with a police department representative. You will spend about thirty (30) minutes answering a series of questions designed to evaluate your suitability for the position.

For more information, please watch the second video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

5- Background Investigation

The background investigation is thorough and comprehensive. An average background investigation can take up to fifty hours to complete. You will be expected to provide your investigator with any and all needed documentation in a timely and complete manner. Dishonesty or omission of information will be cause for disqualification.

For more information, please watch the third video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

6- Polygraph Examination

As part of your background investigation, you will be required to submit to a polygraph examination. The examination is another tool used to verify an applicant’s truthfulness through the process.

For more information, please watch the fourth video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

7- Conditional Job Offer

After clearing a background investigation, you may be invited to an interview with the hiring authority, usually a Deputy Chief. This is a formal job interview, after which a conditional job offer may be extended.

For more information, please watch the fourth video in our Hiring Workshop series below:

8- Psychological Examination

Applicants with a conditional job offer will be sent for a psychological examination with a doctor prior to employment.

9- Medical Examination

Applicants with a conditional job offer will be sent to a doctor for a medical screening prior to employment.

10- Pre-Hired for the SPD Academy

Applicants with a conditional job offer who pass the psychological and medical exams, and who do not already have a California Basic POST academy certificate, may be offered a pre-hire position until the next academy begins. They will be paid at the police recruit rate while performing a variety of non-sworn tasks around the Department.

11- SPD Academy

Employees hired as police recruits will attend the department's paid 24-week police academy. Academies begin twice a year, in January and July, and provide the knowledge, skills, and physical fitness necessary for a career in law enforcement. Upon successful completion of the academy police recruits who meet the requirements will be sworn in as police officers.

For more information, please watch this video about the Sacramento Police Department’s Academy:

Police Recruit

Police Officer Recruits are paid $37.48 an hour with a 5% increase in pay upon graduating the academy. With competitive pay, the highest quality of training, and endless opportunities for advancement.

Dispatcher Recruit

Dispatcher Recruits undergo a formal classroom setting, computer lab, and hands-on training program in the Sacramento Police Department's Public Safety Communications Academy.

Community Service Officer

CSO 's are paid $27.96 an hour and participate in the Sacramento Police Academy or Community Service Officer Academy in order to receive basic law enforcement training in various laws, police procedures, law enforcement techniques, and first aid.

Student Trainee

Student Trainees are part-time positions within the police department that are designed to enable college students to prepare for employment in the law enforcement profession upon graduation.

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