Benefits & Salary of SPD Positions


The City of Sacramento offers competitive and generous Medical, Dental and Vision benefits to full time employees of the Sacramento Police Department.

While benefit levels are negotiated between the City of Sacramento and the respective collective bargaining groups and then ratified by their members in a contract, SPD employees have access to health provider plans with coverage for Employee Only, Employee 1 dependent, and Employee 2 or more dependents.

Active employees also receive a contribution from the City of Sacramento corresponding to the number of dependents that they intend to cover with their benefits.

police officer at golden one arena on duty

Health Insurance

Medical, Dental, Vision

Annual Salary

$77,219.20 - $103,481.11

Retirement Plan

PERS Retirement, 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, and HSA

Paid Time Off

Vacations and Sick Leave

Tuition Reimbursement

$1,500 per year for higher education

Wellness Program

On Duty Workout Time

Supplemental Employment

The Sacramento Police Department offers permits sworn and community service officers the ability to work additional overtime jobs, which are contracted through the police department to provide outside police services with business and outside vendors within the city. These jobs are paid at an overtime rate and provide our staff to work in their departmental capacity at the Golden One Center for the Sacramento King’s NBA games, concerts and events, as well other events requiring the presence of the Sacramento Police Department throughout the city.

We also provide significant staffing on overtime for annual events, such as the Aftershock and Golden Sky music festivals, the California International Marathon, the Ironman Competition, the Run to Feed the Hungry and hundreds of other locations and events throughout the year. Police officers and Community Service Officers who have completed field training and have the permission of their supervisor are eligible to work these events if they choose to.