Sacramento Police Academy

In the Sacramento Police Department, we take pride in the quality and attention given to ensure our officers are the best equipped, and best trained in the nation. From state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment, to maintaining a cadre of instructors that emphasize and deliver scenario-based practical exercises, our training team strives to ensure that our academy recruits, as well as tenured officers, are fully prepared and ready to meet the many challenges and opportunities that this career offers.

Within the police department’s culture, we emphasize the importance of training. Commitment to this tenant of training improves skills, knowledge, and technical accuracy for today’s law enforcement officer. In challenging our newest recruits and tenured officers, we are continually improving their understanding of the law, physical fitness and well-being, which the community deserves.

Our police officers have hundreds of contacts with the public daily. As law enforcement professionals, police officers embrace the responsibility to stay current in their training, education, and understanding of all current trends and legal updates that affect the way we police the community.

The benefit of this to the community is that our officer's knowledge and expertise are focused on the areas of de-escalation, crisis intervention, and lawful use of force. All of this can help improve the overall professionalism and effectiveness of our police force which can lead to better relationships with the community, increased public trust, and more successful outcomes during police encounters.

Academy Life

The Sacramento Police Department is currently administering the POST Certified Basic Academy twice a year with starting dates in January and July. The academy accepts applicants who have successfully completed the Sacramento Police Department hiring process as well as those who are sponsored by other law enforcement agencies. Upon successfully completing the Academy, graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion for the POST certified Basic Academy Course.

Academy Formatioin
Academy Physical Training

The Sacramento Police Academy is a POST-certified intensive format and is 24 weeks long. The schedule follows a 4 day, 10-hour/day work week for a total of 942 hours of training. The schedule will change during some weeks to accommodate training needs (range, emergency driving course, etc.). The academy is primarily held during daytime hours, with some nighttime and weekend training.

Being a police officer is a challenging career and the academy helps to prepare the recruits to perform under stressful conditions in a professional, competent, and positive manner. Recruits will routinely be tested on their resolve under stress, decision-making skills, and teamwork as an academy class. With each academy class recruits not only learn the skills needed for their career, but they also form bonds and friendships that last a lifetime.

Academy Life: recruits in formation
Academy Life: recruits in classroom

Courses in the academy include the fundamental principles, procedures and techniques for law enforcement including criminal law, patrol procedures, cultural diversity, report writing, defensive tactics, firearms, ethics, and so much more. The course also includes a rigorous and challenging physical training component necessary for the lifetime fitness of all officers.